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Monday, November 2, 2009

Our Backyard --Out at last!

Thanks to all the "Behind the Scenes" work by our editors, designer and contributors the Society's New Publication, Drayton and Toowoomba Cemetery-Our Backyard is nearly ready for publication.

This contains vignettes of 139  people buried in our own backyard, the Drayton & Toowoomba Cemetery.
This book is our contribution to the celebrations of Queensland's 150th birthday.

Our new book to be launched at 10 am on Wednesday 9 December 2009 at 452 South St Toowoomba.

The book will be available for $30 plus $10 p&p.
It can be ordered now from the Society ...contact details at the foot of the page.

The following are featured:

Anger Charles Augustus & Salome

Anger Gottlieb Frederick

Barry David & Grace

Barry Richard James

Bebbington William

Becker John Leigh

Beit Mary William

Binns William

Bishop John Frederick (Jack)

Blaine Agnes Gertrude

Blake Charlie & Jessie

Bong Chong

Booth Harry

Brannigan Catherine

Brennan William & Dorothea

Broadfoot William

Broadfoot James

Brodribb Francis Claudius

Bruce Walter & Janet

Buchheister Andrew & Mary

Cain (Kane) Julia

Cameron Margaret Anne

Castles William John

Clappison Tom

Clarke Catherine

Clarke Mary Jane

Coates William Newstead & Olive

Cocks Charles & Ann

Coles Thomas James (Jim)

Cooey William & Ann

Cranley James & Margaret

Crowther Elizabeth Dingwall

Cruise Richard, Sarah and Helen

Davis Edward Ernest ‘Ernie’

Dolley John

Duggan Jack (John Edmund)

Dumont / Smith / Thomas Ned

Dunne Denis & Margaret

Elliot Gilbert

Emmerson John Eleanor

Evans George Essex

Evans George

Fox Sam

Freshney Reginald

Gamble Martha

Gavan Mark

Gavan Peter

Gavin Ellen

Kunkel Julia

Gavin Johanna

Gisler Friedrich

Gisler Christian

Grant Richard & Mary Ann

Grant Charles & Frances Jane

Gray Isabel

Gregory Francis Thomas

Griffin William Allan & Elsie

Hart John & Catherine

Heffernan Catherine

Heffernan Michael & Mary

Herzig Albert Wilhelm & Sarah

Higgins John

Hill Alfred James & Catherine Emma

Hill John

Hirning Anna B. & John G.

Hodgen William

Holberton Frederick Hurrell

Hooper George and Elizabeth Lucy

Hunt Darius Devenish

Hynes John James & Mary Monica

Jack Winnie

Kane Jemima Caroline

Keogh Patrick

Krienke Karl J. F. & Louise

Lacaze and Symes Families

Lamb Thomas Kelsall

Lightbody Peter & Christina

Lipp Frederick David

Mackenzie William Ross

Mackenzie Andrew Ferrier Ross

Mackintosh Donald & Catherine

Malcolm Archibald

Mann Johann Gottlieb

Martin Joel Archibald

Martin John & Mary Ann

Matthews William

McDonnell ├ćneas

Meibusch Elizabeth

Mengel Heinrich & Katharina

Mengel Johannes

Morcom John Henry

Morris Thomas

Murray Nathaniel & Margaret

Mutze Peter & Anna Gertrude

Mutze Johannes & Elizabeth

Nason Phoebe Susanna

Nelson Hugh Muir

Ollier Charles

Pentecost Henry Lear

Pobar Felice & Emma

Pugh Theophilus Parsons

Punert Mark

Richmond Marjorie Lennox

Rosser John & Margaret Ferrier

Rub Joseph & Christina

Ruhle Joseph Friedrich

Sachse Friedrich Otto

Smart Thomas & Elizabeth

Smart Edward L. & Emma J.

Smart Leslie & Edna

Spiro Henry

Stephen George E. C. & Margaret M.

Stockham Thomas

Taylor Samuel A. & Amelia E.

Taylor Donald Campbell

Teys Florence

Teys Rebecca

Tolmie Helen ‘Ella’

Tosh Joseph Smith

Varidel Edith M. & Jules M.

Wallace Annie

Walsh William

Watts Emanuel

Way Edward

Webb Henry Gent

Wilkinson George Robinson

Williams Thomas

Zirbel Carl A. & Louisa C.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pupils of Rosalie-a great new resource

I love the wonderful information to be found in old school registers but it can be a tedious process sometimes searching through microfilm after microfilm to find which tiny school your person of interest attended ..and then of course missing bits :)
Indexes make such a difference and this great CD compiled by one of our society members Gloria Glass, goes one step further with transcriptions with most of the data on the films!

CLICK TO ENLARGE If you click on the image above, you will see the wealth of information provided.
Rosalie was a shire just to the north west of Toowoomba ..now part of the larger Toowoomba Regional Council.
Schools included on the CD:
Acland, Bergen, Berndale, Blackbutt, Boodua, Bowenville, Brigalow Park, Brymaroo, Cawdor, Claredale, Coalbank, Cooyar, Cooyar Creek Upper, Cooyar East, Devon Park, Djuan, Doctor’s Creek, Douglas, Edgefield, Evergreen, Geham, Glencoe, Googa Googa Creek, Goombungee, Gowrie Colliery, Gowrie [Junction], Gowrie Little Plain, Greenwood, Groomsville, Haden, Highfields, Highland Plains, Irvingdale, Jondaryan, Kelvinhaugh, Kilbirnie, King’s Hill, Kingsthorpe, Kooralgin, Kulpi, Lagoon Creek, Maclagan, Maclagan North, Malling, Meringandan, Moola, Mount Binga, Muldu, Muniganeen, Narko, Nukku, Nungil, Nutgrove, Oakey, Peranga, Pine Grove, Pinelands, Plainby, Quinalow, Rangemore, Ringing Plains, Rocky Creek, Rosalie Plains, Sabine, Silverleigh, Thornville, Viewfield, Wattle Glen, Woodleighton, Wutul, Yarraman and Yarraman Upper.
Many of these no longer exist.
The CD is almost ready.Inquiries can be made to Gloria
aquilaaudaxg [at] bigpond.com
Of course it will also be available to search in our library!

Monday, September 21, 2009

An Index to the Darling Downs Biographical Register to 1900

Would you like to check out just who is mentioned in the Society's Publication "Darling Downs Biographical Register to 1900 " ?
You can now download an index to parts 1 and 2 HERE or from the link on the left hand side of this page.

If you find a name of interest you can contact the Society for more details..see links at the foot of this page.
The Register is also available for purchase in 2 parts. Details are on the PUBLICATIONS page of our main website.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Three Decades of the Darling Downs Gazette Indexes

I have just uploaded another decade index for Births Deaths and Marriages from the Darling Downs Gazette. [1881-1890] This latest index contains more than 6000 names of individuals whose birth death marriage or obituary was mentioned in the Darling Downs Gazette for that period.
Link is to the left hand side of your screen.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Indexes To the Society Journal

Links to Indexes to our Society Journal, at least up to 2001 are now available for you to peruse!
See side panel.
Of course they do not cover recent years and may not be absolutely inclusive but they will give you an idea of the people and topics covered in our Journals.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Past Copies of Our Journal now on CD

I have just been looking at the CD I purchased yesterday of all the past copies of THE GAZETTE ..[1987-2009] the societies magazine..wowee well done girls.
Fantastic to be able to easily access all those articles and of course the biggest plus is that being in pdf format, it is searchable.

Added bonus is that I can now free up some much needed shelf space in my cupboard by disposing of past printed copies..THANK YOU !

For those who are interested ..the CD is $5.00 for members and $25.00 for non members
Postage $2.50
Contact details at the foot of the page